Guitar Sight Reading Workout App

iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch compatible versions are now available for purchase and download at the App Store. HOW TO PLAY: 
The goal of this app is to improve a guitarist’s sight reading ability by matching notes on a music staff to note locations on all 6 of the guitar strings up to the 12th fret. Instructions:
 The settings icon  allows you to select your preferred fretboard: Maple or Rosewood

The Note Selector icon takes you to the Circle of Fifths to select the note you wish to practice. When you select a note, you are taken to a practice fretboard scene. You will see the selected note on a music staff along with a number that indicates how many places that particular note occurs on the fretboard.  In many cases, a single note can occur in multiple places on the guitar.

When locating the notes on the guitar neck scene, ACCURACY matters! You can not slide around to find notes.
Hitting the Play Button icon will reset the practice scene. You can select the Forward Button icon  which will take you to the same note in a different octave range. When you have completed all the possibilities for that note, you can select another note to practice from the Note Selector icon. Press the Home Button icon to return to the Main Menu.

When you click on the Question Mark icon you are taken to a fretboard that will display a random note on the music staff along with the number of occurrences on the fretboard.

Locate the note(s) on the guitar neck. Remember, ACCURACY matters!

When you successfully locate the note positions, you will be taken to another randomly selected note.

When you have completed all 52 scenes, you will receive a congratulatory message.

Have fun, and enjoy developing your skill!

Screen Shots:

Best of Success, 5 Diamond Music