Guitar Note Workout App

Guitar Note Workout

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Also available for Android devices on Google play.


Guitar Note Workout is a training game app. It will help you increase your guitar fretboard knowledge. When you are able to readily find the notes, it will enhance your ability to find scale and chord starting points in other keys.

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The goal is to locate specific notes on all six of the guitar strings up to the 12th fret. The notes must be located within the time limit of 15 or 20 seconds.

At times locating the notes on the guitar can be very difficult. The guitar is not like the piano where the notes are very visible and readily available. A guitarist must mentally rehearse where the notes are in order to go to the notes accurately.

How many times have you made mistakes on the guitar because you lost track of where the notes are? The Guitar Note Workout App was created to help guitarists mentally establish where the notes are on the neck of the guitar.

The goal is to locate specific notes on all six of the guitar strings up to the 12th fret. The selected note must be located on all six strings within the time limit of 15 or 20 seconds.

By going to the settings menu you can select your time limit and your fretboard appearance. The note selector will take you to the circle of fifths to chose the note you chose to practice.  Your note workout will begin the moment you select any one note from the circle of fifths.

Immediately you will go to the fretboard workout scene. After the countdown, begin locating all the spots on the fretboard where that note occurs. If the timer runs out don’t worry, you can still continue with locating the rest of the notes.

After you have found all the notes take a mental snapshot of where they are and then hit the play button or the try again text to restart the workout. Try to improve your time with each attempt.

After you have successfully found the notes within the time limit, begin another workout session on that same note in the reverse order you found them the first time. Again this will help you to mentally establish where those notes are.

After you are finished with one key use the forward button to proceed to the next note of the circle of fifths. If you do not want to go to the next note in the circle of fifths just go to the note selector and then pick the note you wish to work on.

This app was designed to help guitarists gain a greater understanding of their instrument. The Guitar Note Workout App will help you to go further in mastering the fretboard of the guitar.


* From Home Home page, click settings icon GEAR.

* From the settings GEAR , select your time limit (15 seconds/20 seconds) and

   fretboard (rosewood Rosewood Fretboard or maple Maple Fretboard ) preferences.

*  Next, click on the note Music Note icon.

* From the note selector, The Circle Of Fifths will appear,  choose a note to practice.

* It will bring you to the fretboard training screen. You will see  a countdown light. Countdown Light    When it hits GO!, you can begin locating all the notes in the exercise within the    given time limit. ACCURACY matters! You can not slide around to find notes.

* If you complete the exercise correctly, you will receive a Thumbs Up!thumbs up!

* If time runs out, you can still find all the notes or hit Try Again or the PlayPlay button in the top left corner to reset the game.

* When you have successfully mastered a note, go back to the note selector to    move to a new note exercise.

Successful completion of the Circle Of Fifths will make you a more versatile Guitar Player ready to transpose and compose wherever the music takes you.

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