Guitar Note Legend App

Guitar Note Legend


iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch compatible versions are now available for purchase and download at the App Store.

NOW available for Android devices on Google play.



Guitar Note Legend App provides you with the name and music staff location of each note on the guitar’s fretboard up to the 12th fret. Just click any note on the guitar’s fretboard to find its name, alternate voicing and music staff location.

Guitar Note Legend

This app was designed to help guitarists gain a greater understanding of their instrument. The Guitar Note Legend App will help you to go further in mastering the fretboard of the guitar.

What if you don’t know the name of a note?  You tap on the fretboard and see its’ name instantly.

Can I see the same note on different strings? Yes,  if it occurs more than once on the guitar.

What does the note look like on a music staff? You will be given a picture.  This can be helpful if you are writing music for the guitar.

What about notes with accidentals?  You can also choose between viewing  all the accidentals as either sharp or flat. An accidental note is a note that exists between two natural notes. Accidental notes have two different names. i.e. G♯ is also an A♭. By choosing the sharp button ♯ you will view all accidental notes as sharp, and when choosing the flat button ♭ you will see all accidental notes as flat.


*  Click the  Play Play button. 

* From the settings GEAR , select your fretboard (rosewood Rosewood Fretboard or maple Maple Fretboard  or trapezoid inlay) preferences.

* Next, choose  the accidental setting  by selecting the or icon.

*  Click the  Play Play button and begin tapping on the fretboard to see notes.

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